Genie Timeline Professional 10

One time setup, a lifetime of protection

Supports Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 – 11

🚀 Powerful & Simple
Seamless setup tailored to your needs.

  • Quick 3-step configuration
  • Auto-clean for optimal storage
  • Backup health indicators
  • Timeline recovery for any moment

💾 Backs up all your important data
Effortlessly scans your computer, external, and network drives.

  • Safeguards documents, photos, music, videos, and beyond
  • Ensures full-system Disaster Recovery protection
  • Captures both open and locked files
  • Offers file filtering: tailor backups by date or type
  • Supports all storage types connected to your PC.

💼 On the go
Stay updated with your backup monitor anytime, anywhere.

  • Direct email notifications and alerts to your Inbox

🔒 Seamless System Recovery
Guard against hardware failures, crashes, and viruses with Disaster Recovery.

  • Automatic system backup
  • Restore to any recovery point
  • Guided step-by-step recovery wizard
  • System startup choices

⚡ Fast & Lightweight
Enjoy uninterrupted gaming, movie-watching, or presentations.

  • Machine-level deduplication saves space and time
  • Minimal resource consumption
  • Tur