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Walkthrough: Creating Disaster Recovery

This Walkthrough summarizes how to create a complete disaster recovery backup .

Step 1: Create Genie Disaster Recovery Bootable disk (one time only)

Requirements: Blank or empty CD or DVD disk.
Recommended: New CD/DVD.
How to Create this boot disk?
  1. In the Main Page, Select Disaster Recovery
  2. A Dialog will open, click Create GDR Bootable disk
  3. Insert your CD/DVD in your burner and select the CD/DVD drive
  4. Click Next to continue.

Step2: Create Disaster Recovery Job:

This step backs up the main data necessary to recover your system after it fails to load properly

Requirements: Backup Storage media. Recommended: External, or network location. How to create the Disaster Recovery Backup?
  1. In the Main Page, select Disaster Recovery
  2. Select Create Genie Disaster Recovery(GDR) Backup and click Next
  3. In Where to Backup page, Select the Backup Destination
  4. In What to Backup a list of Disaster Recovery Data is displayed you can add additional folders by clicking on Add Additional Files/Folders link or via My Folders Tab.
  5. From the Settings Page Select the Settings of the backup job.
  6. Click Next to start backup