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Genie Timeline vs Windows 7 Backup

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Features GTL Home 2017 Windows 7 backup
Backup file retention checkImage
Supports Windows XP checkImage
Supports Windows Vista checkImage
Compression checkImage
Encryption checkImage
Disaster Recovery checkImage
Email notification of Backup Status / Error / Success checkImage
Real-time continuous data protection checkImage
Scheduled backups checkImage checkImage
File Deduplication checkImage
Network drive backup checkImage
Backup Search-ability checkImage
Flexible Customization of Backup Selection checkImage checkImage
Backup of various resources checkImage checkImage
Filters for Backup Data checkImage
Block-level Backup technology checkImage
Backup to network and external drives checkImage
Backup Retention by Date checkImage
Deleted file Detection – view checkImage checkImage
View all files backed up checkImage
Open File Backup checkImage checkImage
Automatic purging of older versions checkImage checkImage
Easy Single-file / folder / drive restoration checkImage checkImage
Protection Level icon indicator checkImage
Power Saving Mode checkImage
Plug’n’Backup checkImage
Multiple performance modes checkImage
Game/Movie mode checkImage