How to: Restore Using SwiftRestore

Users do not need to have Genie Backup Manager installed in order to restore data from a self-restorable backup. Simply run the self-executable ".exe" file located in the backup folder, click Extract (or Run) to extract the backup archive to a temporary folder on your machine and open the restore wizard. Then click Browse to select the .gbp file corresponding to the backup version you wish to restore, and click Next to select data items you wish to restore. Finally click Next to restore your data.


Extracting the backup archive from a SwiftRestore file

If the self-executable .exe file got corrupted, users can extract the backup archive from the self-executable file in order to restore using the Genie Backup Manager application:

  1. Open Genie Backup Manager.

  2. Select the Tools Menu.

  3. Select Extract archive from .exe file.

  4. Click Browse to locate and select the self-executable backup file.

  5. Click Extract. The extracted backup archive will be stored in the same folder as the original SwiftRestore .exe file.